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Source unknown - probably 1975

A beautifully situated village, approached from the high ground of Moggerhanger through wooded country, and backed by the parkland of Ickwell Bury. The main part of the village is centred on a T-junction with the church, and a fine thatched cottage and adjoining school on the stem, and the head closing the view as one approaches the village, taken up by the Grange, a fine house of late Caroliginian date with shell door-hood on carved brackets.

The church is magnificent, competently but drastically restored. A lot of the building is 14th century with major but sympathetic changes of the 15th. The chancel is obviously collegiate and likely to date from 1404 when this status was granted in Henry IVs reign. The Crown public house, the sign of which in standing in full view before the south wall recalls the lost union of church and inn, is colour washed and a perfect foil for the dark sandstone of the church. Indeed the adjoining village pond, thatched cottages and fine trees constitute one of the County's best village centres. Ickwell Green is famous and in spite of some barbarous mulling in the north east corner has kept its character. Tompions cottage beautifully maintained by the Watchmakers Company, and the Maypole, are the main tourist attractions, but A .G .S. Butlers Iclcwell Bury (he was R .A .Bs brother) set in a fine park adds grandei~r to the west side.

1638 - Thomas TOMPIAN, 'father of English watchmakers' was born here