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Biggleswade Notes

What they said about Biggleswade

Biggleswade, after all, for my money with its silver eels and sandy flat soil to ride upon.
The Hon. John Byng, June 1792

Thy road, my Biggleswade, deserving
From the pleas'd traveller his just applause;
No less the lucid stream that laves thy side,
Deck'd in the flowing pomp of ready pride;
Whether for gain or in the finny line,
For on thy eels, good gods, how we did design
Thomas Mende, 18th Century

A thriving market town, centre for much market gardening,
especially in cucumbers and pickling onions
H. W. Macklin, Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire, 1917

Every motorist knows its wide street and its splendid
market-place on the Great North Road.
Arthur Mee, The King's England, 1939

The neat and respectable appearance of this town may in a great measure
 be ascribed to a terrible fire that happened on the 16th of June 1785.
Edward Mogg, Paterson's Roads, 1829

Pleasantly seated on the Ivel and furnished with commoious Inss.
The Rev. Thomas Cox, Magna Britannia, 1715


The Biggleswade History Society website contains a wealth of information about Biggleswade including material for research and study see: