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Stevington Windmill


Stevington Mill


 Stevington Windmill, though practically unknown to the average Bedfordian was one of the finest survivals in the County. It was working until a few years before W.W.II.

The Mill was of a type known as post construction, common in districts where there is plenty of timber. The base is of local limestone, with big struts built into it to support the structure above. Post-mills are constructed so that the sails can always be faced to the direction of the wind; the whole body of the mill above the base pivots around the central post and can be turned with very little trouble as is necessary using the tail-pole at the rear of the body.

The Mill, built in the latter part of the 18th century, existed in the Open Fields before the Enclosure of the Village in 1806-7. The field in which it stood was the only one in the parish, which still retained the original lines of the first enclosure plan. Before it was ploughed up during W.W.II the old terrace lines of strip cultivation could be seen.