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PCC Wills Page 1610 to 1857


James Kenny said on 10 Aug 2004:
I have been doing some research on Rev. Christopher Butson (1749-1836)

1  Bishop of Clonfert and Killaloe (1804-1836)
  +  Susan Gould
  2  Rev. James Strange Butson (1777 Bath -1845 Dublin) Archdeacon of Clonfert
     + Esther Eccles Sinclair
     3  Rev Christopher H.G.Butson (1818-1892)
        +  Helena Eyre Maunsell
        4  Sinclair Edward Gould Butson (1854-1890)
           +  Jane Moore GGG Niece Lord Eyre
           5  Sinclair Gould Butson (b1886)
           5  Helina Alice Butson (b1884)
           5. Henry Strange Gould Butson (b1883)
        4  Capt. Strange Gould Butson K.I.A. Kabul 13th December 1879, 9th Lancers
British Cavalry
        4  Helena Minnie Butson
     3  Louisa Madelina Norah Butson(1820
     3  Charlotte Butson
     3  William Butson (1824-1897)
     3  Fanny Caroline Butson

My Grandfather purchased property in 1930 and acquired an embroidered coat of arms of the joint names Butson/Sinclair and a set of dinner plates with the coat of arms of the joint names Butson/Maunsell. The name Strange crops up in a few places.