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I became interested in the name of BEVERTON having renewed a childhood acquaintance with Susan Beverton in February 2008. The rarity of the name intrigued me and I promised I would research the surname for her.

I would like to thank many of the people with BEVERTON records on GenesReunited for their assistance; without it this would not have been achievable in the short time it has taken me to get this far.

Various spellings of this name occur through history and even in modern day records. Some of the differences can be attributed to corruption through time due to clerical issues, through enumeration at census time or due to modern transcription error.  I have attempted to use the version appearing in the source record and note where I have been able to confirm that the correct spelling of the name is indeed BEVERTON.  Variants that I have identified as being attributable, or potentially attributable, to BEVERTON are:


I have not researched any original documents other than BMD indexes to confirm queries. I must stress that other researchers must go back to primary sources before they add this information to their family trees and it is for this reason that I have not included Volume and Page numbers with the post-1837 BMD records.

If anyone spots errors or additions that can be made I would be delighted to receive them and incorporate.  I will only include living people here with their written permission.  If you find I have transgressed in this regard please tell me and the details will be removed immediately.

Please contact me using this feedback form.

Historical Notes:
  1. It is noted that the name BEVINGTON occurs as a place name of Bevington in Abbots Morton, Worcestershire in the Great Domesday Book in connection with men and the Abbott of St Mary, Pershore.